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Discover Hallormsstaður forest

Take an outdoor adventure on one of Iceland´s best ATV tours in the forest of Hallormsstaður. There you will challenge yourself by driving a 4x4 ATV/quad bike.

This tour takes you through the forest and above it on the way we will make a few stops where our guide tell you about the history of Hallormsstaður and snap a few photos. 

Tour info

ATV´s can travel fast on rugged tracks allowing you to get exceptional views of the country as well as giving you an adrenaline rush. 

You will see beautiful nature and remote areas that er rarely visited by tourists.


Our guided ATV tours take place in all weather conditions come rain or shine. Crossing streams and digging through dirt is just part of the fun!

We will provide you with the necessary gear to ride with us. Such as helmets, gloves, balaclavas and overalls (glorified snow suits for adults)​

In order to ride our ATV´s/Quads then the driver needs to be at least 17 years old and hold a valid driver‘s licence. Passengers 7 years old and up can participate.  

Take a look and see our terms and policies 

For group requests contact us via the contact form or email 

Whats´s included 

✓ 1 hour in the forest on ATV trail

✓ Beatuful view of the great Hallormsstaður area 

✓ Gear: overalls, helmet and gloves

What to bring 

✓ Good shoes (they may get wet or dirty) 

✓ Clothes suitable for weather conditions

✓ Your Good mood

✓ Your phone and tag us #easthighlanders


All tours are undertaken on the respinsibility of its participants. East Highlanders does not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Particapants have to sign a waiver before undertaking all trips stating that they relize that our activities carry an inherent risk. 

Weigt limit is 220 KG per atv combined driver and passenger

Our location

Some say our location is a well kept secret, but this is how you can find us.

We recomend to use either WAZE or apple maps they will direct you to our base. But if you choose to use google maps then keep the following instructions in mind because otherwise you will end up in a residential area 

Drive on the road  "upphéraðsvegur" when you see the "orkan gas station / Ísbúðin" then turn up. You will see a sign at the cross roads 

If you are tech savvy and prefer to use GPS point then enter these coordinates in to your GPS system: 65.092785, -14.737226 (65° 5.567'N, 14° 44.234'W)


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