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Discover Hallormsstaður!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

What to do in Hallormsstaður other than driving a ATV and throwing axes?

As you know by now we offer fun activities in the forest but there is loads of other stuff you can do.

Camping and Hiking in the forest

Hallormsstaður is a National forest and is the biggest one in Iceland. the forest covers an area of 740 hectares and the most of which is native birch. You can find 11 marked trails, a hiking map is in a box at the start of all hiking trails. Get a copy of the hiking trails here


There are two camp sites in the forest named Atlavík and Höfðavík. Both sites have flat areas between the trees and are close to the lake Lagarfljót.

Two toilets houses are in Atlavík with hot and cold water, facilities for dish washing and toilet for the disabled. As well there is a waste disposal for campers, outdoor barbecue, tables, chairs and a playground. But keep in mind there are no electrical outlets for campers in Atlavík so you are almost off the grid.


There are three toilet houses in Höfðavík with hot and cold and cold water, Showers and toilet for the disabled. There are electric outlets for campers there so you can enjoy all the modern technology. Waste disposal, outdoor barbecue, tables as well a playground.

You can get more information on their Facebook page here or here for Atlavík or Höfðavík

Service in the forest.

Hotel Hallormsstaður

You can find service in the forest we have Hotel Hallormsstaður next to our base that has two restaurants, the first in line is Kol-bistro that is located on the second floor of the hotel with an amazing view. The menu is versatile with a great selection of quality food. The second one is Lauf restaurant you are invited to experience Icelandic cuisine in the form of an exquisite evening buffet, the selection of delicious courses guarantees that nobody goes to sleep hungry.

Their emphasis is on comfort and wellness, offering various accommodation from cottages to hotel suites, in the middle of Hallormsstaður forest. Guests can enjoy spa with sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi where you can relax in the evening sun with magnificent panorama over the lake and the forest.

Hafursá guesthouse

At Hafursá you can enjoy accommodation at the edge of the forest with a magnificent panoramic view of Mt. Snæfell. Cottages and apartments offer cooking facilities for self-catering. If you have a large group they have good feast facilities for reunions and groups as large as 150 people.

You can find more information at their Facebook pager here

The Ice-cream shop

ice-cream is located on the main road there you can shop groceries, gas and ice-cream that can be a life saver during the summer when it gets hot outside.

The ice-cream shop is open in the summer time.

If you want more information about the Hallormsstaður area or nearby accommodation and activities please visit or Visit Austurland (

I hope that you enjoyed the read we look forward to meet you in the forest.

- East Highlanders team.


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