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There is nothing permanent except change.

Dear friends.

For the season 2023 East Highlanders will not offer ATV tours in Hallormsstaður. The reason why we will not offer ATV tours after 10 wonderful years driving though the forest with our guests is mainly because we love our forest we had a talk with our friends at Skógræktin – Icelandic forest service and we came to the conclusion that we want to give the forest a chance to heal itself. Our trails have taken a beating over the years, even though we have worked hard to maintain the trails and co-exist with our lovely nature with good results.

After the season of 2022 we stopped and looked over our history for the 12 years that East Highlanders have been operating in East Iceland. We are not closing down shop.

We will still offer activity in Hallormsstaður forest such as axe throwing, archery for groups and cowboy coffee or hot chocolate (in the spring and autumn). We are always looking for new activities to offer our guest in the forest and when we find the something new that is a perfect match to our operation then we will let you know.

Best regards Elí Þór Vídó – owner and memory creator,


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